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OOC - Relationships

Blue hearts are negative.

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Lemme know if I missed anyone who should be on here.

Shot 58

November again...damn, have I really been here a full year? Things sure have changed since I got here...I wonder if anything's gonna happen for Christmas this year. Can't believe it's almost been a year since that, too...

Filtered from Jenny, unhackableCollapse )

Shot 57 (Voice)

Oh man, this is AWESOME! I hope John was serious about this being a break, 'cause this is just too good to pass up. Jenny, Duo, Xig, we gotta check this out. Pretty sure I see roller coasters, too.

Shot 56 (Action/Voice)

*Jr. is out in the street with a white puppy running around him, yapping excitedly. He's holding a tennis ball in one hand and doesn't seem to care about the heavy rain.* Alright Alby, let's see if you can catch this one.

*He winds up and throws the ball in a high arc and the dog runs after.*

Shot 55 (action/Accidental voice)

*Out in the barracks, Jr. is working out his anger at Albedo leaving again by pounding on a training dummy. He has a thick red aura around him and the journal picks up an angry shout.* Prelude to Battle!

*There are several loud gunshots and the bullets explode in multicolored energy when they hit the dummy. Jr. then runs up to the dummy and kicks off it, setting it on fire where his feet hit, and there are more gunshots as he flips back. He lands in front of it and jumps up, kicking the top and sending it flying to the side, catching fire where his foot hit it. He jumps back and tosses one gun up, with another angry shout.* ETHER DRIVE!

*A large lightning bolt appears out of midair and crashes down onto what's left of the dummy, setting it on fire as well and he catches the gun, tossing the other up and throwing part of his fiery aura at the remains of the dummy, sending it up in a small explosion. He's left standing there, still surrounded in the red aura and breathing heavily enough for the journal to pick it up*

Shot 54

Now that was a fight. I can't remember ever having that much fun since getting here. Hey Xig, we make a pretty good team, huh? How many d'ya think we took out?

Everyone make it alright? If anyone needs help, I oughta have at least one or two more Medicas left in me. Not gonna get you out and about again, but it'll keep you out of critical condition.
Damn, I'd almost forgotten what it felt like to not have that power cap on.

Private to Albedo, telepathyCollapse )

Shot 51 (voice)

I'm getting sick and tired of this damn experiment. Whoever had the stupid idea to put up that damn sign had better hope I don't find 'em. And the next bastard who gives me an order is gonna find out just what happens when you piss me off.

Shot 50 (action)

*As if the week already couldn't get any worse...Jr. is running through the village at a breakneck speed, trying to reach his house so he can hide until he can get out of the pink maid outfit he's wearing.*

(The result of him following two orders at once.)

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