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Gaignun Jr.
Name: Gaignun Jr. (Rubedo)/Albedo
Fandom: Xenosaga
Gender: Male
Age: 27, looks 12
Time Period: Post game
Wing Color: Red
History: Rubedo was the 666th of 669 nearly identical bio-weapons known as U-do Retro Viruses, or URTVs for short. Albedo was the 667th, an accident in the form of a conjoined twin. Of the 669, only the last four had individual personalities. They were created to destroy an entity of pure energy known as U-do and were raised from birth in a special institution for this end.

During this time, Rubedo developed a crush on the young daughter of a pair of scientists, Sakura Mizrahi. When he wasn't with his twin, Rubedo was usually with her. It was because of this that he was hurt so deeply when she died and why he reacted so strongly upon meeting her artificially created ‘sister’ years later.

The circumstances leading to Sakura's death began when Albedo was angered by an accusation of one of the generic URTVs and attacked him, beating him nearly to death. Confronted about it, Albedo revealed that he had automatic regeneration abilities by destroying his own head and regenerating it, believing that this ability was universal among the URTVs. Confronted with the harsh reality that he was the only one that was completely immortal and that the others would or, in Rubedo's case, at least could die, he became severely unstable, often sneaking away to practice digging graves for Nigredo and Rubedo, the only of the URTVs he considered human enough to be called his brothers, so he wouldn't cry when they really died.

When they were about twelve years old, Albedo attempted to contact U-do, resulting in many of the standard URTVs being outright killed, driven insane or turned into monsters. U-do attempts to attack Albedo, but Sakura defends him and loses her life. Though Albedo dislikes Sakura due to his possessive nature, he regrets her death because of its effects on Rubedo.

Soon after, a war broke out on the planet the institute they were on and all but the four unique URTVs were wiped out following an attempt to destroy U-do once and for all that failed when Rubedo realized that the act would kill them and broke the connection protecting them from U-do. This time, U-do successfully infected Albedo. The remaining four were separated for the most part, with only Rubedo and his younger brother, Nigredo, remaining together, having been saved by a mysterious young man in a strange type of mecha.

Rubedo/Jr. Pt. 1: After being rescued, Nigredo and Rubedo changed their names to Gaignun Kukai and Gaignun Jr. respectively, attempting to forget about their past. Jr. went on to help run a program for beings known as uberhumans, humans that had been genetically engineered to have powers beyond those of normal humans, known as the Kukai Foundation. The Foundation was built as an artificial satellite of the capital planet of the universe's main power. During the years that followed, Jr. discovered his own unique power: he didn't age visibly. At the age of 26, he looked no different than he did when he was twelve.

It's on this ship that Jr's past finally catches up with him, when he meets Shion Uzuki and is drawn into a struggle for the fate of the universe that is strongly connected to his past. Traveling with Shion is a realian, an artificial human, by the name of MOMO, in truth the ‘sister’ of Sakura. It isn’t long before Albedo reappears.

Albedo Pt. 1: Albedo was working with a man named Margelus to capture MOMO for valuable data called the Y-data that had been hidden inside of her. Margelus’ plan failes, but this only prompts Albedo to summon a dangerous ship by the name of the Song of Nephilim with the ability to produce a sound that drove listeners insane. Albedo takes advantage of the confusion caused by this to kidnap MOMO from the Kukai Foundation, taking her back to the Song, where he attempts to scare her by cutting off and regenerating his arm and head. MOMO eventually passes out and he absorbs all the data in her mind, learning everything she remembers. It’s at this point that Jr. and company arrive. Albedo takes part of the Y-data and flees after they defeat his mech and begins to confront them himself but is interrupted by one of his allies who tells him to stop playing around. He leaves and uses the information he stole from MOMO to summon the space station she had lived on and join it with the Song.

The combination of the space station and the Song absorbs several nearby creatures–monsters known as Gnosis–and uses their power to destroy an entire fleet of spaceships. Albedo then sets the next target as a nearby planet, but Jr. tells him to wait so they can end things once and for all. He fights Jr. and his friends and is defeated, but then reveals a monster created by fusing the space station’s power core with the absorbed Gnosis. He leaves as they fight and watches as the station plummets to the planet after the power core is destroyed. He then reflects on the Y-data and it’s encryption and vanishes, seemingly ceasing to exist but most likely moving into the ‘imaginary space’ that is usually occupied by Gnosis.

Jr. Pt. 2: After this, Jr. spends some time on the planet Albedo had meant to destroy. Shortly after arriving, they are chased by members of the organization after MOMO. Rubedo is successful in fending them off, however, using some very difficult gunplay to allow them to escape in the car they were in. It is also here that he and his friends attempt to find out about the Y-data themselves by entering MOMO’s mind, an action known as an ‘encephalon dive.’ They arrive in a landscape that is identical to the one Jr. remembers from his time at the Yuriev Institute.

Rubedo is forced to watch as the event of his history play out, before Albedo makes an appearance. Albedo fights Jr. and his friends inside MOMO’s mind and injures Jr. by plunging his hand through his stomach before MOMO enters it herself and demands that they stop. Albedo takes advantage of this by shooting MOMO with an energy blast and taking more of the Y-data from her.

The group leaves MOMO’s mind shortly after and Jr. seems to be in intense pain. Because he and Albedo had been joined at the heart and had a strong spiritual connection, he had been able to feel his twin’s heartbeat, but he can no longer feel it.
Using the Y-data, Albedo had opened up Old Miltia, the planet the Yuriev institute had been on that had been swallowed up by a double black hole after the incident that had led to the near extinction of the URTVs. Jr. and his friends went to this planet to save the sisters of a mysterious woman named Febronia who had been in contact with Shion. On Old Miltia, Jr. and his friends discover that Febronia’s sisters were part of a safeguard on the Zohar, the most powerful energy source in the world. One of two organizations after the Zohar arrived and stated that the Zohar would ‘guide humanity.’

KOS-MOS, an android built by Shion and her co-workers, destroyed the system around the Zohar in an attempt to foil the organization, but it was useless as they summoned a machine to fuse with the Zohar, planning on using it to destroy the Gnosis and take over the universe. Jr. and company enter the machine and face the leader of the organization. Albedo appears and states that the Zohar is his, attacking the leader with an energy blast, but is disintegrated.

Albedo Pt. 2: Albedo’s powers had allowed him to survive even after his body was completely destroyed, and he was put back together by the group that had been helping Albedo before. Albedo transforms the area around Miltia into a time-space anomaly by using his connection with U-do. Jr. enters this anomaly alone and Albedo taunts him with images of his past, goading him into unleashing his anti U-do power, Red Dragon mode. Rubedo forces his temper and powers back under control before confronting his twin once and for all.

At the beginning of the fight, Albedo does something to Rubedo to ensure that he won’t die and proceeds to do little but taunt his twin for the majority of the fight. Rubedo wins the fight, but only survives Albedo’s final attack because of Albedo’s efforts to loose the fight, actually stemming from his desire to die so as to not be alone. After the fight, Albedo is surrounded by Kirshwassers, the very type of realian he had previously tortured for his own amusement, and is carried up to frantic cries from Jr. to not leave him alone.

He appears shortly after in a white version of the hooded robes his old allies wore and was referred to as the White Testament.

Jr. Pt. 3: After Albedo’s death, the anomaly begins to dissolve while Jr. breaks down in tears, ignoring the encroaching vacuum. While he cries, chaos, another of his group, appears and brings him back to safety. After this, the group separates to live relatively normal lives, knowing that at any point things could begin again.

A year later events did resume as the group was drawn back together and met a new android, T-elos, who looked almost exactly like KOS-MOS. After a demonstration, the group is informed that the KOS-MOS project has been canceled and that KOS-MOS would be shut down and disposed of. The group responds to this by sneaking into the trash storage facility to re-activate her and take her with them.

After their escape, the ship they use for transportation is drawn into an anomaly known as a hypersphere. KOS-MOS uses her most powerful weapons system to allow the group to enter, and they arrive on what appears to be a gouged out portion of a planet. They rescue their ship and its crew and encounter the Blue Testament, who turns out to be a man they knew to be dead. They fight and, after the Blue Testament is defeated, a white mecha appears and the White Testament calls to his ally from atop the mech. Jr. recognizes the voice and calls out to Albedo, who ignores him and they leave. The group keeps going and encounters T-elos. She and KOS-MOS fight and KOS-MOS proves to be no match. Just before KOS-MOS is destroyed, though, Shion’s necklace glows and they are transported to the past, where they meet Virgil, the man who would become the Blue Testament in present time. The group follows the events of Virgil’s past as well as Shion’s, learning that it had been a young Shion who had first drawn the Gnosis into the real world. The older Shion is distressed by this revelation and her ability to call Gnosis, actually stemming from an unusual ability to contact U-do, goes out of control, summoning a gigantic Gnosis called Abel’s Ark. Shion’s brother orders KOS-MOS to force Shion to leave and the group escapes, leaving the hypersphere and returning to the present as it collapses.

After their escape, they learn that Gaignun had been possessed by his, Jr’s and Albedo’s father, Dmitri Yuriev. It is revealed that Gaignun had been born to be a vessel for Dmitri so he could extend his own life. The group returns to the Durandal, the Kukai Foundation’s flagship, and encounter Citrine, the fourth surviving URTV and the only female. Jr. tries to talk Citrine into letting them pass and confront Yuriev, but she refuses and they fight. Citrine uses her own power, the Red Dragon Destroyer, to counter Jr. and make the fight more difficult, but they kill her and move on to face Yuriev himself, but Yuriev escapes. The next time they meet, Yuriev comments on Rubedo’s fear and compares it to his fear of U-do. Albedo then arrives and tells Rubedo to form a link to defeat their father, intending to move Gaignun’s consciousness into Jr. and taking his place so that he would die instead, but Gaignun sends Albedo’s consciousness into Jr. instead and tells them that his original purpose had been to destroy Jr. and Albedo. As Gaignun dies, he and Jr. call each other by their real names for the first time in years.

After Yuriev and Gaignun die, Albedo tells the group the location of everything they need to end things once and for all before going into what appears to be a hibernation. They go to the indicated planet and face the enemies that had previously escaped for the last time, each of them dying after escaping at least once in the past. They then run into the Red Testament, who turns out to be Shion’s late boyfriend. This fact allows the Red Testament to convince Shion to fight on his side and the group is forced to fight their friend. They win, and Shion’s ex co-worker, who has a crush on Shion, stands up for himself for the first time in the series and takes a severe beating fighting the Red Testament. Seeing the cruelty to her friend, Shion comes to her senses and helps fight off the Red Testament.

They continue to face the man who had orchestrated everything and, after a difficult struggle, manage to defeat him. After the fight, the Gnosis who had gathered go crazy and chaos and Shion’s brother stay behind to allow everyone else to escape. Shion’s brother dies and chaos returns alone.

After the surviving members of the group reach safety, they agree to go their separate ways now that things are over for good. Before they separate, MOMO asks Jr. to thank Albedo for his help, to which Jr. replies he will when he wakes up and calls him lazy.

Rubedo and Albedo

Age: 27
Sex: Male
Species: URTV

History: [See history section above]

Successful Captures: 0

Experiments (if applicable): N/A
Deaths: 0

Death Penalties (if applicable): N/A